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The Sign-Up Sheet forms and Sign-Up Sheet Manager are the tools for managing the volunteer activities. These tools make the process simple for both the volunteers and the coordinators. More details about the tools and their features can be found below.

Try a demo of what the an administrator will use to set up and manage an event Sign-up Sheet. The demo version also allows full access to the Volunteer Sign-Up Sheets you create.

Username: demo_user
Password: newpassword
(Enter in Sign-Up Sheet Manager Form to the right)
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Sign-Up Sheet Features (Sample Screen)

  • Simple to Use
    Minimal data entry is required by the user to complete and submit the Sign-Up sheet. The forms have been developed to make the process as quick and easy as possible.
  • Instant Response
    Once the form is successfully submitted, your name will appear on the event list.
  • Accessibility
    The form is configurable to provide the type of access you need.
    • Public
      Anyone can view and use the Sign-Up Sheet.
    • Pass Code Protected
      Anyone can view, but a Pass Code is required to use the Sign-Up Sheet. We recommend using a pass code to ensure no one plays with your form.
    • Private
      The page can not be viewed or used without a Pass Code.
  • Email Notifications & Confirmation
    Emails are sent when the form is successfully submitted. One to the Coordinator for their reference and one to the Volunteer as a confirmation.
  • Keeps Track of Availability
    As people select items/jobs, the system manages how many slots are still available. Once all the items/jobs are filled, the form dynamically changes so no additional people can sign-up for that item/job.
  • Information Stored in a Database
    The Sign-Up information is recorded in a database for the Coordinator to use in various reports.

Sign-Up Sheet Manager Features

  • Secure Login
    Access to the Sign-Up Sheet Manager is through our secure login.
  • Simple to Use Forms
    No coding required to create a Sign-Up Sheet. All setup and configuration is done using simple forms.
  • 20 Event Sign-Up Sheets
    An account can have up to 20 event Sign-Up Sheets setup at one time.
  • Different Types of Sign-Up Sheets
    There are 3 types of Sign-Up Sheets: People/Volunteer, Hospitality, RSVP
  • Flexible Configuration
    Each type has a lot of flexibility in how they are set up. In particular, the People/Volunteer type is only limited by what you can imagine.
  • Apply Theme Styling
    There is a large collection of theme styling that can be applied to the Sign-Up Sheet
  • Reports
    There are various reports (i.e. Check-in Lists) available to view and print that will help in managing the event. Suggestions for additional reports are always welcome.
  • Name Tags
    A PDF document can be created for printing event name tags.
  • Web Site Linkage
    The URL for each event Sign-up Sheet you create, is provided to help link it to your web site. We even provide various HTML samples depending on how you want to link it.
  • Edit Event Data
    The information for the Sign-Up Sheet can be modified to correct errors, move people around, or delete them.

Sign-Up Sheet Manager
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