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The Volunteer Space was developed to provide tools for organizations to manage their volunteer process. Our personal involvement in various organizations has provided first hand knowledge of the process for recruiting and managing volunteers. There were no good tools that simplified the process for the coordinators or the volunteers. Since we have been developing web sites and web based applications for over 16 years with Web Concepts, Inc., we decided to build the Sign-Up Sheet solution. We created the various tools needed for managing the volunteer process for our children's swim team. It worked so well we decided to make program available to other organizations. The Sign-Up Sheet has now been in use since 2007 for specific client websites and 2010 for general use with over 7600 users.

Web Concepts specializes in designing and developing unique web sites and web based applications that are fast, graphically pleasing, and user friendly. This same approach has been taken with our volunteer solution, which is why we encourage feedback and suggestions for enhancements. We are firm believers in the continuous improvement process so our volunteer solution will always be getting better.

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