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Encounter the Gospel of Life
Location: UMD
Date: July 9-14, 2017
Contact: Ann Gradowski
  Please sign up to have your parish group donate the parts needed to create our assemble your own lunches! Lunches require at least one sandwich/main meal (tuna cans, bagels, etc.), plus choice of one each chips/crackers, cookies/snacks/fruit, beverages (preferably water or juice). Lunches do not need to be pre-assembled, just the items delivered to UMD before 7 AM of the day the lunch is served. Parishes/groups can sign up to provide as many times as desired - for example - the minimum donation is enough items to serve 100, but if one parish will do an entire day -just mark all the boxes for that day. We may adjust the total number of lunches needed pending final enrollment. CONTACT for more information

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Person Volunteering

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Activites 100 100 100
Mon July 10
Friar Matt
Friar Matt
Susan Lea
Tue July 11
Molly Gradowski
Molly Gradowski
Leah Huber
Wed July 12
Frjohn Jicha
Carmen Boston
Susana Cerritelli
Thu July 13
Carol Smith
Carol Smith
Cathy Mctighe
Fri July 14
Gina Ninodenightingale
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